Before using Mailchimp this is what you need to know

Nowadays, we are used to googling just about anything. From instructions for machines and tools to historical dates we can’t seem to retain to definitions of words we don’t understand. It comes as no surprise then that starting to use Mailchimp comes with its own set of searches. In this article, I will present some of the topics that you need to know about before starting to use this tool. 

Mailchimp – an email marketing software 

When you first come in contact with the name Mailchimp, you may not be familiar with it as a tool. You may know it as just one of the options and softwares for email marketing. Indeed, some searches related to Mailchimp are: “email marketing”, “email marketing software”, “email marketing services” and “mailchimp alternatives”. We can conclude that Mailchimp falls under the umbrella of what people perceive as an email marketing tool (software or service). Because they search for alternatives too, it means there are other softwares that fall under this category.

First contact and logging in 

Moving on, starting to use Mailchimp comes with searches such as:  

  • “Login” 
  • “Sign in” 
  • “Mailchimp pricing” 
  • “Support and help” 
  • “Contact Mailchimp”. 

The first two serve as an indication to the company that the log in/sign in link should be as visible as possible. This way, they decrease the friction for (potential) users who also search for information related to pricing. Mailchimp is somewhat notorious for its complicated pricing system. Internet users also search for support, help and contact which may indicate that people want to be accompanied. 

The search for Mailchimp tutorials  

Next up, tutorials and learning about the platform itself is a topic people are interested in. Below is an overview of some searches related to self-learning, mainly focusing on tutorials and instructions. People want to learn and are willing to invest in it. The difference between the searches points to a difference in preference of support materials they want to find. Some want a pdf, some video and others make sure to point out the year 2021 to have the most updated version of the tutorial possible. 

Before using Mailchimp people search for tutorials
Google searches regarding Mailchimp tutorials

Final remarks: people want instructions and people want to be supported when they start using Mailchimp. It surprised me to see that so many people actively look for tutorials. This means they are willing to put in time and energy to learn about the tool before using it. On the other hand, people who want to try it out, may search for sign up, get in the platform and try things out. If the process isn’t sufficiently intuitive, they may search for “how to create campaign mailchimp”. 

Besides knowing things this article talks about, it is beneficial to be aware of the common problems you can run into when you start using Mailchimp. Check them out!

Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

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