Why Mailchimp? Part 2

Nowadays, you need an ESP (email service provider) for any advanced marketing strategy. Mailchimp is a good choice. WP beginner, for example, says that using a third-party provider for email management is indispensable. It is because many other solutions will mark your emails as spam. Said differently, spam is a given when you don’t use an email marketing software such as Mailchimp. Therefore, it is well worth the cost. 

Mailchimp advantages or why you should use it 

What are some of the Mailchimp advantages? For one, it is one of the most popular email automation tool providers in the market.  

Second, its freemium plan includes up to 2,000 subscribers and a maximum of 10,000 emails a month. Alternatively, you can also choose a pay-as-you-go option. Check their pricing plans https://mailchimp.com/pricing/marketing/ & decide what works for you. Invest some time now, rather than pay for your mistakes later. 

Another advantage of Mailchimp is that almost all features are available on the freemium plan. You can also consult the pricing plans via Email tool tester: https://www.emailtooltester.com/en/reviews/mailchimp/pricing/. 

The third outstanding advantage of Mailchimp is reporting. Other advantages are simple to use landing pages, good email templates (though some sources say they are becoming obsolete), and an intuitive email designer tool.  

Mailchimp advantages: 

  • Comprehensive freemium plan 
  • Easy to create landing pages 
  • Good quality email templates  
  • Intuitive email designer 

As you can see, there are quite some features that make Mailchimp a great choice. But what are the downsides? 

Disadvantages of Mailchimp or why choose a different ESP provider 

First of all, Mailchimp and any other email marketing services incur additional and (mostly) recurring costs (in form of a subscription).

Additionally, they are sometimes confusing. Mailchimp itself is a bit notorious for having a pricing scheme that is hard to understand. It also has limited automation tools, like for email chain of events, and it can become too simplistic for advanced email marketers and companies.  

Another downside is that using Mailchimp requires you to be very organized with lists. I discuss lists in the article Avoid common Mailchimp problems. For the price you pay, Mailchimp should include a structure that is easier to follow.

Moreover, the menus in Mailchimp are confusing. This was apparent when I tried to figure out what Mailchimp does in the first part of this article.  

To finish it off, deliverability is acceptable, and some emails land in the folder promotions in gmail. For serious businesses, an “acceptable” level of deliverability is unacceptable.

Final remarks:

Finally, it is not surprising that many people search for tutorials on how to use Mailchimp. It seems that the platform itself isn’t very intuitive and that it requires quite a bit of patience and care when dealing with the pricing schemes for example. All in all, although other sources point towards Mailchimp as a good solution I am not convinced yet. More research would be necessary.


Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

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