Mailchimp tutorial Part 2

Pretty cliff with a sunset that has nothing to do with the topic discussed in the blog post (Mailchimp) but so pretty!

Welcome, welcome !

Today, it will be a pretty straight forward post of to do and having done list. The last two days have come and gone and even if I’m at home, I’ve been busy ! Applying to jobs, cooking, figuring out which type of coding I’ll have to learn to run this blog, discovering what is a domain and how it’s different from hosting and how in any case all these things cost money. I’ve downloaded gimp to start learning how to edit photos and create cool thumbnails for youtube, I was at a presentation of how a company should run a youtube channel to make money (tubereach was presenting). I’ve realised that yes, for every question that I have, I go to youtube and it is in fact very clear to me why it is the second search engine in the world (right after google) and why “help” videos will explode in 2018. Help videos are how to videos or tutorials. I’ve in fact youtube-ed (is this gonna become a word ?) how to cook an egg to make it soft boiled (I failed but the video of how to was there) and how to use this (apparently awesome) computer that I have, specifically the application iMovies for cropping, trimming, cutting and yes, uploading to youtube.

I would say, I’ve done some stuff and I therefore prepared for you Mailchimp tutorial Part 2 : How to send a Campaign (just click on the title and you will be transported to youtubeland) with sweat and tears (or cold sweat, I’m slightly cold this morning); and no tears, more like frustration (so much to learn in such a short time and make it till the deadline, make itttt) and here we are.

I’m glad you are here and I am glad I am here.

There is still SO MUCH to learn ! I will definitely continue with my Mailchimp tutorial sessions – be tuned in for that every Thursday (we got about half of the “workout” done) and I’ll let you know anyways ! Next up, I will be re-defining what to do with this section here – the Thursday section dedicated to Mailchimping. As I’m not currently using Mailchimp on a daily basis, I’m not learning, and how can I share if there’s nothing that I have learnt ? Therefore, I have a few ways to go and I will for shizzy (for sure) think it over during the next few weeks so that 1. this section stays cause I ❤️ Mailchimp and 2. I  learn the max and share with you max as well. Awesome, awesome.

I leave you with :

Colored Freddie, the mascot of my beloved Mailchimp e-mail marketing automation tool (who is winking at me - and you; so cheeky!)

cute Freddie – Mailchimp’s mascot.

Until next time, be good, safe and healthy (there is a bug going around and I heard it’s called influenza) ! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check, comment and like (yes, do it all) my  supa cool Mailchimp tutorial Part 2 : How to send a Campaign. See ya 👋 !

Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

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