A (not so) comprehensive side-to-side comparison of visme and venngage lead magnets

Let me tell you a thing or two about the lead magnets of visme and vennvage. How do they compare ? Which one is worth downloading and giving your e-mail ?

Lead magnet that stands out

This post is destined to compare side by side positive and negative sides of visme’s and venngage’s free book or lead magnet. Their respective names are :

  • A Non-Designer s Guide to Creating Memorable Visual Slides (by Visme)
  • Social-Media-Venngage (by Venngage)

Get them here and here.

Let’s go into the comparison right away :

Visme Venngage
  • sources for everything (direct links)
  • different templates to try (direct links)
  • helpful icons to understand you need to click somewhere
  • some good tips
  • before & afters *
  • some information on the target public
  • immaculate consistent design
  • fun feel to it – but not so professional
  • appropriately placed seamless CTAs
  • the post discussing product-centric posts is very clear and is good quality, informative as it should be
  • well organized content
  • well organised content
  • e-book adapted to computer screen (facilitates reading)
  • basic tips on ‘commenting and liking on Insta’ (short for Instagram)
  • mentioned mailchimp (I like Mailchimp)

* before & afters allow you to see the faux pas (what shouldn’t be done) and the difference after you modify the design → general design guidelines were well represented on concrete examples

If you read my previous post, you know which e-book I preferred. By far. However, in order to be as objective as possible, I prepared the table above which includes only positives, only the plus points of each books. I found plenty.

TRasH talK ing the lead magnets of visme and venngage

Now would be the time to trash them. But, as I am in a particular situation in my life, I understand trashing someone will VERY rarely make them feel better and willing to improve. Rather, I will use advice by Brian Tracy, my all time favourite personal development speaker (I will also include one of his best videos in this post that I cannot praise enough). He says, whenever you finish a phone call, write down all you think you did/said well (the advantages above) and give tips on how you could improve for the future. So now I will discuss the overall feel of each e-book as I’ve finished them, as a comparison and what they could have done better. I think I really like reviewing.

I suggest Visme to :

Stay awesome !

I have zero complaints ! I love it !

I suggest Venngage to :

  • optimise (adapt) the e-book to computer screens
  • choose a more professional design and fonts – it felt like a child made/chose them
  • ensure clear background – it is blurry – for a design tool and author who is a designer it is disappointing
  • increase the length of segments, give more information as a total
  • be more careful about the CTA (call-to-action) and where you place it ; trying to sell me something (the business plan of the tool) on the page 10 is way too soon ! Rather explain all that I could potentially be doing, THEN try to sell your tool so I can do all these cool things you just taught me about.
  • be quite careful about the content ; to point out two instances :
  1. extract : “As a social media marketer, what are you supposed to do? How can you possibly compete?” – the main question of the whole document to which the answer given is : “I’ll be honest: I’m not a marketer.” Hum, why ask this question is you are not qualified to answer it?
  2. phrase “Everything comes out from experimenting and testing.” Hum, I’d say this is a VERY general statement. Almost as if it changes nothing if it’s not there.

Similarly, the ending doesn’t speak to me :

“Follow this guide and you will have a stronger presence in social media. Then perhaps someone, on one of their sleepless nights, will find your account and be inspired.” – “perhaps” ? If this guide was written for a perhaps, then I could have also not read it, right ? If you are not sure of the value you are giving, why should I be ?

Through the content, I also noticed mentions of photo sizes in each of the books. It is clearly useful information and it would be even better if it were either a separate downloadable file or an annexe at the end to have all sizes in one place.

As a total, I learnt a BUNCH !

  1. If the design is good, it doesn’t mean the content is good! It can be shitty

Content : base
Design : the yummy spread that makes all calories worth consummating and the base unboring, enhances it.

2. The importance of fonts!

A fun looks comes from a certain font and a more serious or professional from another. I learnt about how to pair them and use them for presentation purposes. As a conclusion, a type of font gives out a vibe.


There you go, all I could think of, I put out. In the past week, I also tried to make an infographic (not as easy as it looks) and applied to work with visme.


Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

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