#tuesdayinfographics are back ! Visme review Part 2

An exciting Part 2 of the review of the free visme e-book !

Spoiler alert : I don’t give it to you. You’re just going to have to read the whoooole long post. Hold on, I’ll include some photos too.

Welcome back for a special edition (after a hiatus of a full month) of infographics talk! I’ve got today a great dish prepared for you. For your extra insight, I am comparing two lead magnets which are free e-books produced by two infographics making websites, Visme and Venngage.

This is part 2 of my evaluation of the A Non-Designer s Guide to Creating Memorable Visual Slides by Visme. Read part 1 by clicking here. For those wishing to get the e-book right now it is here.

So these were my impressions when I finished the Non-Designer Guide for infographics by visme :

Honestly, there is nothing better than this e-book. It is pure gold, start-to-finish, filled with useful, versatile information on preparing stunning presentations. I cannot praise it enough.

Three Legs of a Stunning Presentation : content, visual design and delivery

Not only is the e-book itself beautifully designed and adapted to a computer screen (big +) but it is also comprehensive and well-organized.  With every interesting topic we get links to additional research or reading. This is what I call quality lead magnet. For those new to the term, lead magnet is a free document that a company or a website offers in exchange for your e-mail address. Nowadays, e-mail addresses are hard to get and are a very valuable, if not the most valuable, piece of information about a potential customer. People do not want to give away their address if they are not a little reassured that the information they are getting is useful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos are screenshots from the e-book (which I do not own but highly admire)

In the case of visme, the website itself inspires trust and guarantees – if IBM works with you, then I can also trust you. But I am not a company, I am an individual. So I know that you have something to sell me, every online business has. You give me this free e-book in exchange of my personal information and the hope that after an e-mail marketing campaign I will become and remain your loyal customer. Not all companies are at this point and cannot afford to invest in all channels to effectively communicate with the audience.

Visme is one of the companies that has invested in these tools.

Their e-book reflects professionalism and quality. There was clearly great research done in order to produce the free e-book and time was put into making it.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that they do not try to promote themselves. The book is clearly destined to me (a non-designer). I am as far of being a designer as possible. And so the e-book really promotes making a great presentation not pushing the product. Only two times in the book do they include a seamless CTA (call to action) which works without coercion. The end is marked by the visme logo (last photo of the slideshow) and that is it. No annoying ad-like lead magnet.

My half-way impression (first CTA) was, I want this. At second CTA I was already convinced. Honestly, no matter what I read after, I highly doubt it is possible to surpass this quality and therefore the indication of how good the tool visme is. I will not withhold the fact that I went on linkedin to check out Payman Taei, the founder. He clicked on my profile and that made me feel cool. Then I realised he just had a baby this year and he is not on the market anymore (lol, joke time over). Anyways, I really admire him and believe he’s created a great company. And I must admit, it was pretty cute to read in one of the newsletters about his baby. It felt so nice that he talked about it as one of his big accomplishments of the year. Really nice.

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Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

4 thoughts on “#tuesdayinfographics are back ! Visme review Part 2”

  1. When reading your post, I am thinking, “now I want this-Visme-thingy too! Whatever it is, give it to me!” Although I may wait to see your first infographic and than decide… 😉

  2. Love your blog Ana !! just downloaded the book and can’t wait for the next mailchimp articles (since i know a little about it, it’s always nice to read tips 😉 )

    1. Thank you Margaux ! It makes me so happy you like it 🙂 ! How do you use Mailchimp ? I’m super interested to know more. l am definitely working on maintaining consistency on this blog. Today you can find a post containing a little Mailchimp surprise that I would love to have your feedback on! Have a great day 🙂

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