We’ll be talking about infographics in this post. I’ve always (since I know they exist) wanted to learn how to make infographics. They just seem so logical to me. Here are some of my beliefs about infographics..

They are fun and they look pretty. Just like this kitty :

this is my kitty snowball kepo kepko
This is my kitty.

Whoever doesn’t like looking at pretty things, please raise your hand. Back to infographics. They are informative ; info + graphics and user-friendly.

Also I find they :

  • Have a sharing potential and
  • Look really cool and not very marketing-like

What do I do with these dreams of mine ? Make them a reality! By the way, do I put a question mark after the last word in the sentence like this ‘Who?’ or do I use a space, like this ‘Who ?’. In French, they like the space so now I’m wondering how it is officially in English. Let me know if you know in the comments below, I will appreciate them!

Alright, so have your Tuesdays reserved for a talk about infographics. My plan is to try out three providers :

What is the criteria for my choice? I would love to tell you I’ve gone through serious thought and research to choose these but this is not the case. Venngage is the first infographics maker site that I found online years ago. I’ve probably even dabbled somewhat in my profile but honestly, I barely remember it. But I remembered the name and have nostalgic feelings about it. Therefore, it is the first one that came to my mind.

Venngage examples site
Venngage infographics

I did however make a small research about top sites for infographics making and stumbled upon Google Charts and Visme. Google Charts just got me, Google knows how to do soo much! So naturally, I want to check it out.  Visme just looks pretty (and as you could read just higher up, if it’s pretty, I like it. This is also why I like infographics so it is a full circle.

That’s it for now folks, I’ve got no real info on how to actually make an infographic. I will however leave you with two links that I found cool. A reason that makes me like so many things ^^.  The first link is an official Venngage tutorial, five minutes long, pretty straight forward. The second one is a slightly different topic and huge impact. If you don’t watch or read anything else today, this you should see : The Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020. It is scary, cool, incredible, all at once.

Enjoy your boring Tuesday ☺ !

Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

4 thoughts on “#Tuesdayinfographics”

    1. Woooot!! Awesome! So you went for a paid plan? I’d love to hear more about your experience, I have looked at Canva too but haven’t tried yet.

      1. Hehe, no sorry, I meant “good price” by using only features that are free. It has enough free elements to create a basic infographic. Because of my frugality I would than finish my infographic on my computer, in Photoshop 🙂
        However, I do use a paid account somewhere else, at PicMonkey. It is not exactly a tool for infographics, but you can create awesome collages and the user experience is quiet similar. So. it’s offtopic here, but would recommend it anyway.

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