What I wish I knew before I started using Mailchimp…

Mailchimp is a free email automation tool that is pretty hard to figure out !

After your first month of torture, you understand some things. I am currently using Mailchimp through a paid and free account, one that I am building for myself and one for the company I am working with. I spend a lot of my time on its Learning pages or so called Knowledge Base. It is an indispensable/essential/primordial site in order to start having a clue of what you are doing.

The Knowledge base that Mailchimp proposes is okay but limited. There are certain (let’s be honest here for a second – there a are ton) features that I had absolutely no idea how to use. I still don’t find its dashboard very intuitive or user-friendly but I do understand it better. Still let’s not forget it is free up to 2000 subscribers which is amazing !

So what do I wish I had known before starting to use Mailchimp ?

    • how important it is to SET IT UP WELL
    • how to actually use it (I will go in depth about this too)
    • how to read well

1. Set up your Mailchimp account


Have a physical address. I have no great solution for this but Mailchimp requires you to give a real physical address. The fines start at 16 000 dollars PER ACQUIRED SUBSCRIBER. That is scary. The P.O. box that people talk about is something I don’t know about and have no idea how it works in the USA but here in Europe, I don’t even know whether it exists. If anyone has any information on that, do let me know in the comments!
Choose your time zone. Such a basic step but so important. When you start sending emails (we will later call them Campaigns), you will be able to see at which moments in time people open you emails. It took me some weeks before I realised that my campaign (see what I did there) sent out at 16h looked like it was sent at some other time. Go to Profile –> Settings –> Time Zone and set it up. Mine looks like this :

Mailchimp set up

You can see I’m on Central European Time. If you have another one check its corresponding name here.

2. Start learning how to best use your Mailchimp account

Knowledge Base is the king, followed closely by my dear friend, Youtube.

Youtube tutorial for Mailchimp

Youtube is my favourite ever search engine. I love tutorials and it is just the best, funnest and most adapted way for me to learn. If you saw below, you would see that I’ve consulted a list of youtube tutorials for using Mailchimp. I have not found good ones with the except for the first one one the list. The link for it is here. I will not go into detail about it but I will just say that this is the only one I would spend time on.

3. Read well.

You, my dear reader might be better than me, but I tend to have problems reading. That is READING CLOSELY and SLOWLY. So I miss on information and the whole freaking process of say importing subscribers into my account fails miserably ! Do not, I repeat, do not miss out on correct Format Guidelines when you want to import your subscribers to your Mailchimp account (we will get there) or you may share my experience.

So, as a beautiful conclusion, please, do take your time when reading the Knowledge base in Mailchimp. It is well written but I just want to know things right away. Patience.

Peace Out Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

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