Coffeeshops in Lyon…

you have to visit!


If I say coffeeshops I also mean good places to sit and work (study and what have you) and get a bite! I have only included places I have been to for at least an hour so lets dig in!


First on the list –

J’adore café – located at 46 Montée de la Grande Côte. This is the 1st arrondissement and just a little northern of Hôtel de Ville-Louis Pradel.

I give this coffeshop 5 stars easily for the reasons below:

  1. Working (or studying) on your computer.

If you are like me, the first thing you look for are plugs for charging the computer. Look no further, this coffeshop has three tables, especially adapted to you! As soon as you entrer you will see (on your rightside) two large tables with chargers (yes on the table, it’s genious) plus USB entries for anyone who needs them. You also have a table lamp and a fake plant (for the decoration duuh). Behind the two tables you’ve got a “meeting” table that is big enough for around 8 people, and 4 very comfortably. There are also chargers.

  1. Calm & warm


Atmosphere & environment

It is calm, there’s not much noise. They have this 80s radio and it’s quite fun but never overwheling or too loud, just right. There aren’t too many people either. I was there when it was raining for the whole day and it wasn’t too full at any moment. People are coming and going in time so if you are sitting close to the entry you might want to take an extra sweater. It is not cold though but as you sit for a while your body cools down anywhere. The place is also very spacious and has high ceilings so you can breathe well.

  1. The offer (but not so much the service)

You have to order at the counter which is a little annoying and the staff is somewhat slow but they are nice. They get you an extra glass of water and so on. They have many different formulas for breakfast and luches so I would prefer to have a menu to look at calmly sitting down but they don’t have that. I might check their offer in advance online the next time.

My experience: I got a lunch formula: sandwich + dessert for 7 eur plus a coffee. It cost me 10,70 eur in total but what can you do, Lyon is quite expensive. So I got a “sandwich américain”, made of a bagel with Philadelphia spread, bacon, cheddar, spinach and a few tomato slices. I was positively surprised with this one, the cheddar was really quite delicious, slightly melted (ask for warm sandwich) and the spinach was intact, totally fresh and not destroyed by the heat. That was a BIG plus for me. The dessert was a brownie, which was good but maybe a little too nutty (I think it was pecans that I tasted a tad too much). I got a big “café viennois” as well, which is normally a coffee with cream in France (but not always the same size as what I am used to). Coffe was good and came with cream with chocolate and caramel syrup. A+ for the coffee. I enjoyed it.

I could observe others people’s orders that really looked delicious and the portions are quite big so I am excited to try other stuff. They also have pancakes, cookies and that kind of stuff at the counter so you can look at it while waiting and it looks cool.

– facilities

There was a negative. I will not go into so much detail because I was just telling you about food but I still believe that a place is well judged by its toiletes! Don’t laugh, it’s no laughing matter when you need to go but can’t! So here the toilet is locked by a key that you get at the counter. That’s totally fine but then you aren’t supposed to throw any paper in the toilet (kindda reminds me of planes and disgusting train toilets) which of course needs total mental concentration. Even with that it doesn’t work well. What I mean is that I had to flush three long times in order to get rid of any “remains”, if you catch my grif. Yea, so there was that. It’s embarassing duh, so this was a negative.

All in all, I totally recommend the place and you can stay there for the whole day if you wanna, have a whole table for yourself and enjoy working or meeting with a friend. Also the view on the street that is lowering toward the center is beautiful and you might catch a glimpse of the view of the whole city if you sit outside.

Next on the list- Laureline’s Corner




Isn’t this just so cute? This is the cupcake shop’s business card and it’s precious! I am a sucker for cute girly design and would go there just because of this. Oh wait, I did. Also, their website is equally cute ( Nevermind, it was a great decision.

I went with a friend and we got cupcakes. I got one with “chocolat blanc et fruits de bois” so white chocolate and forest fruit and my friend got Oreo one. We got a “tasse” (cup) of tea with it that was delicious. She had Prince Wladimir (it’s Kusmi tea brand) and I got a “café viennois”. Here it was slightly smaller than in J’adore (but I think I did order the big one there) and it had cream with sprinkles. Which was fun and made me happy. Fun fact, my friend is Russian, and she told me the brand is French (Paris-based) but founded by Russians. And that’s why ever tea has a Russian name. Kindda cool, right? Back to our cupcakes; I judge mine good but a little dry. I am not an expert in cupcakes but I assume they have to be slightly drier than a piece of cake for example so they don’t fall apart when you eat them. Correct me if I’m wrong.

All in all, great offer and service, fast waitress and fast service plus great décor!

The place itself is also very spacious and has high ceilings (I guess old buildings all had them as this is this old part of the center) and very nice tables. The walls are also painted in cool blue. I was there to relax but I could image myself working on a computer there with no problem. There are two seating levels, the coffeshop level when you enter with nice sturdy tables and a slightly not elevated but the opposite part that is decorated very cool, looks great in photos and kinddof makes you feel you a sitting in a comfortable living room. Five stars! I am so nice :P.

Thumbs up for this place!


Next up – Little’s

IMG_20160309_154640 - Copy

If this cute sign doesn’t lure you in:

Little – small cakes (or deliciousness)

What about now?


Yeah, let’s go in. Little’s is located at 30, rue des Remparts d’Alnay, close do Ampère Victor Hugo metro stop and it’s really easy to find from there. They have a big selection of cupcakes (that I haven’t tried yet, I was being good) but also some different sweets. I just got a Vladimir tea (the same brand as Laureline’s Corner but here you get a smaller and less beautiful cup (just wanted to point that out). Oh yeah, and you have to order and pay at the couter as well. I am seeing a benefit in doing that (you are served faster) and people keep changing and you can easily stop the waitress if you want to order something extra (she moves a lot).

We’ve got two levels as well entry and first floor (low ceilings but plugins for your computer). It is a place to realx or work on your computer as well. Also, bring a sweater. It’s not cold but sitting down for a know the drill.



They have a changing table for babies which I think is good so it’s baby-friendly and definitely normal people will come but the walls inside are totally dameged and old, unkept. Minus for the toilet walls.

As a consequence, people with babies tend to come..if that is not bothersome, the place is cool.

Favorite? You tell me. Go and try and comment if you had a better or worse experience in these places and wish you productive work wherever you are :).

Author: Ana

// Slovenian // EMLYON Business School - Msc in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation exploring the world of social entrepreneurship & the need for personal development for entrepreneurs

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